About Us

Building on a foundation of excellence.

Founded by Tony Moro, the quintessential condominium expert in Canada, TMG Builders helps developers achieve the highest standards in design and construction while ensuring the finished product is completed on time and on budget.

Unlike your typical construction management firm, TMG Builders looks at the big picture in condominium development to ensure your project team is working together to generate maximum value while ensuring total homeowner satisfaction.

This unique collaborative approach saves developers time and money, and ensures a smoother transition through each of the project’s phases.

An innovator in the condominium construction industry, Tony Moro enjoyed a leading role with Canada’s premier condominium developer for over 30 years before founding TMG.

During his career, Tony has been involved in building over 60,000 condominium homes and was instrumental in the development of the flying-form system for concrete forming. This system not only revolutionized the construction of high-rise concrete buildings but also reduced costs and significantly improved production output.

He also pioneered a unique approach to efficient underground parking design which ensures the maximum yield for parking spaces below grade, a component often overlooked during building design.

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