Project Management

  • Project Lead (Owners Representative)
  • Land planning – rezoning / site plan
  • Management and coordination of required project reporting and agreements
  • Selection and Management of all Project Consultants
  • Assistance with conceptual project design and project planning
  • Management of Municipal utilities and services
  • Project financing & accounting
  • Assist with project registration
  • Technical audit

Construction Management

  • Value engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Design efficiencies
  • Budgeting
  • Tendering/contracting
  • Management of onsite construction

Planning and Design

  • Technical evaluations and efficiency determinations (all through the use of modern technologies).

Sales Marketing

  • Revenue analysis
  • Design criteria
  • Managing of advertising and selling process
  • Colour selection appointments and pre-delivery inspections
  • Project accounting
  • Technical audit

Financial Analysis and Viability

Analysis of your projected ROI throughout various phases of the project cycle including:

  • Marketing
  • Land acquisition
  • Construction

Environmental Building

  • Analyzing, designing and constructing environmentally green buildings

Customer Care Management

  • Colour selection appointments
  • Pre-delivery inspections