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About Us

Building on a foundation of excellence

The Moro Group Builders Inc. (TMG Builders) was founded in 2007 by Tony Moro, the quintessential condominium expert in Canada. TMG Builders prides itself on helping developers achieve the highest standards construction while working with the entire project team to strive for a finished product that is completed on time and on budget.

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Our Story

Unlike any typical construction management firm, TMG Builders looks at the big picture in condominium development, and establishes and maintains open communication and work flows within the project team to generate maximum value and sky-high homeowner satisfaction. This unique collaborative approach saves developers time and money, and ensures a smoother transition through each of the project’s milestones.

Since its inception, TMG Builders has grown its specialized expertise and has established itself as the market leader in construction management in the high-rise residential and mixed-use development industry in the GTA. Some of the key achievements in TMG’s portfolio include:


  •  50+ development projects with a combined hard construction costs of over 6+ billion dollars


  • Over 13,000 residential units completed


  • Over 10,000 residential units currently under construction or in pre-construction


  • A nationally recognized C.O.R. certified safety program


  • Completed multiple projects that have been awarded Tarion’s High-Rise Builder of the Year Homeowners Choice Award.


  • 20+ mixed-use developments which include hotel, major grocery stores, LCBO, banks, commercial office space, other retail spaces and restaurants


  • Numerous projects which include the restoration and integration of Toronto historical heritage designated structures


  • The construction of high-end custom multi-million-dollar luxury units


  • A roster of employees who have experience in all areas of the construction market, including high- rise residential, luxury residential, retail and commercial construction, restoration of heritage buildings; and LEED and Green standard buildings;


  • A customer care team which has worked on behalf of developers to coordinate all colour and upgrade selections for purchasers, including working directly with purchasers and third-party consultants on custom units


 TMG Builders is a diverse organization committed to equity, race, gender, age, religion, family, and identity, and takes pride in playing its part in building a more inclusive and equitable world, starting with our greatest asset: the people who make up TMG Builders.

Our Values

There is no compromise when it comes to quality.  

At TMG Builders we have a set of five core values that define who we are and reflect what our clients have come to expect:

EX_17th floor_june 2015.jpg


The highest quality product and service is only possible when we work closely with our clients to become a seamless team of professionals working towards that one common goal. 


Honesty is given freely because the value of integrity is priceless.


This includes respect for team members, our clients, the communities within which we build, and for our trade partners that we come into contact with through our day to day business. 


The absolute safety and well-being of our team members, trades, and subcontractors is a top priority


Take full responsibility for the quality of work we produce and oversee.

1_Ivory Pic.jpg

Through these core values and our established relationships within the industry, our team has worked together with subcontractors, trades, suppliers and agencies to ensure we deliver the highest standards of excellence for our clients.


As TMG continues to evolve as a company, we have put innovation at the forefront. We have embraced the latest technologies in green building to reduce our carbon footprint, and to create healthier living environments in the communities where we work and live.

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